The Day The Wall Came Down!

The Day The Wall Came Down!

We had been debating knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room for some time, however often being swayed back to the idea of a formal dining room. I can remember reading an article by Sarah Beeny saying she believed there would be a backlash to open plan living with a revival of 80’s style formal dinner party’s. The thought appealed to me I love hosting and the idea of keeping the kitchen clutter out of view is very tempting but space and light won out in the end, we wanted to create a large family area that the whole family could host events and why not use every part of the house all the time instead for just special occasion and so the journey began…

I have said it for years that one day I’ll come home from work and my DIY fanatic, engineer of a husband will of knocked down a wall well… was the day!

It didn’t come as a total shock as mentioned we had been discussing it for some time, but it didn’t hit me till I came home what he’d actually done. I do have to give credit where credit is due, my husband is not afraid to take on any task and the perfectionist in him means everything is executed to exact precision, but it does take three times as long trying to fit it all in at weekends and evenings. So to help me through the dust, dirt and only a microwave as my all in one kitchen for the next few weeks I thought I’d document the journey and key stages of turning your house into a home.


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