Never Too Late To Change Your Design

Never Too Late To Change Your Design

So we are still debating over our kitchen units days after the wall came down! You would of thought really that these type of decisions should of been made weeks before the project even started and for speed then yes they probably should. However I believe that sometimes even with all the planning in the world you can’t feel what space you have until it’s all cleared, the furniture is out and in our case the wall is down.

This has helped us realise our vision marking out units on the floor, using a sheet of plaster board as the dining table to see what actual space we have.

It’s worth having a go get some news paper out a bit of sellotape and build your kitchen, see if you can comfortably walk round what is most important to you? There is no point in cramming everything in if you can’t use it. How big is your dining table? Is there enough space for  you to get in and out of your seat comfortably?

From doing this even now we have made changes to our plans, the breakfast bar has gone to make space for soft seating at the other end of the room. We already had plenty of seating at the dining table so it made sense we now even have room for a piece of furniture to house a music system to make it a real social and entertaining space.

Can’t wait for Christmas cocktails and canapés!

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