Why Lighting Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…

Why Lighting Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…

When planning interior schemes lighting can so easily be forgotten about yet it can be one of, if not the most important atmosphere creator in the room. With us enjoying open plan living so much in recent years this has become more important than ever as the same space will be used for a multiple of activities, preparing dinner, eating, socialising and relaxing.

Lighting For Open Plan Living Living

Lighting For Open Plan Living Living – Taken from Pinterest


There are four areas you need to cover with your lighting scheme,

*General Lighting – day to day lighting normally the pendant in the middle of your room giving your overall illumination.

*Accent or feature lighting – Highlighting areas of interest, picture lighting over artwork.

*Decorative Lighting – consider lamps, chandeliers even candles.

*Task Lighting – lighting you require for activities reading, cooking, working.

The above picture shows some great examples of lighting that takes into consideration theses points. Lamps on tables, a chandelier over dining tables and spots in the kitchen, the under unit lighting is also a great touch for some extra task lighting.

Some lamp light for relaxing - Taken from Pinterest

Some lamp light for relaxing – Taken from Pinterest

In an ideal world we would start with a blank canvas all striped back but most of us when coming to decorate may not have the ability to change our wiring or electrical circuits to add more spotlights or move a pendant. What we can do is look at our fixtures and fittings, take great care in choosing the right lamps and even consider what you can create with selective candle light.

One of my favourite tips is to consider where possible changing your normal light switches to dimmer switches this can be a great atmosphere changer with out a great deal of cost.

Open plan but still cosy - Taken from Pinterest

Open plan but still cosy – Taken from Pinterest

It is amazing but simply changing your light bulb can enhance the mood of a room, bulbs can admitted different colours

Warm light – Great for bedrooms and living spaces.

Bright White/Cool White – Ideal for kitchens and work spaces.

Daylight – Use for task lighting such as reading lamps.

One thing I firmly believe is that lamps are key, they can cover so many of the points task lighting, as well as decorative and feature. Choose your lamp wisely and you can change a room.


Gold & Glass Table Lamp


Bronze Hammered Table Lamp

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