Choosing Your Style

Choosing Your Style

So the progress of the renovations have certainly slowed down over the festive period, however we have got to the most important part (well in my opinion) the décor!

With most renovations often £1000’s can be spent on work that will never be seen, electrics, plumbing, all obviously very important but it will often mean the funds can be quite low by the time you get to the pretty things! You can’t have a house with out the bricks and mortar but you can’t have a home without your personality and style stamped on it created by your interiors.

So we have come to the point of making style decisions, surely this should be my part? As it is my job after all, but my husband likes his say and actually I quite like that he does as it means we have been able to produce a stronger over all design discussing each element to find the best solution.

First debate, choosing your style……….

Luckily we both have similar tastes but you also have to take into consideration the style of your house, here are some of my key steps when considering an interiors style.

1. Do some research, when talking to customers I try to find out their likes and dislikes using magazines is helpful ripping out pages of styles they like. This process can be fun, pin the pictures to some pin boards and will create the basis of your mood boards, you don’t have to get into the nitty gritty of the design just yet, just find your style. Also try these helpful websites for inspiring images.

2. Once you have discovered your likes and dislikes take into consideration your house. Mine is a 50’s build semi-detached very square with clean lines and large flat windows, although I love elements of the decorative Country Shabby Chic look with nooks and crannies, open fireplaces and lots of nic-nacs it would be hard work to really pull this style off without a lot of changes, but not impossible!

3. Make a list of what you want to use the room for, family space, cosy hide away, formal dinning room… this will help you choose your style you may not want formal French Rococo chairs when designing a family room for everyone to snuggle down and watch TV.

Consider how you want to use your room... Cosy?

Consider how you want to use your room… Cosy?

Or formal?

Or formal?












4. Make a list of the items of furniture you need to or would like to keep, this could also form a basis of your decision. If there is a small budget try and think out of the box can you recover or paint your furniture to fit in with your new look.

Research is key so take your time and don’t be afraid to mix elements of your favourite styles, this dining room image shows a beautiful antique turned leg wooden dining table mixed with modern white and chrome leg chairs.


Don't be afraid to mix styles.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles.

Find this image at

Now you’ve chosen your style you can get into the details…..

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